Human Mutilations . . . Food For Thought


Here’s some insight into the growing phenomenon of human mutilations (by extraterrestrials):

This is not only disturbing, but infuriating to think our government may be covering it up. But why?

Advanced military technology? Protection “money”?

Maybe it’s just something that’s been going on for a long, long time and we can do nothing about it. . .


Which is even creepier.

Ancient Astronauts, Modern UFO Sightings & Human Mutilations



The above is an artist’s rendering of the wounds and “surgeries” suffered by the

Guarapiranga Reservoir (Brazil) alien mutilation victim. The following photographs

are extremely graphic and disturbing. Not for the kiddies or weak of stomach.

Be warned. Gross. Sick. Yes, and disgusting…



Typical Cattle Mutilation, USA, 1960s-present

Typical Cattle Mutilation, USA, 1960s-present

Text book cattle mutilation with all the earmarks, so to speak. No blood at the site, eyes gone, lips tongue and soft palate removed, all lymph nodes from neck removed, small, circular incisions with cauterized edges, etc., etc., ad nauseam.
But now things are changing… see following photos (warning: these are very disturbing, graphic photos of a human being who’d suffered the IDENTICAL mutilations as the above cattle). Be warned.